Suite for Sarro

Violin, Viola, Cello
7’ | (2017)
2 movements
I. Tango for Trio
II. Serenity Marked by Discomfort

Premiered in Montpelier, VT by Jennifer Choi - violin, Jessica Meyer - viola, Andrew Yee - cello. 2017.

Performed in Birmingham, AL as part of the Birmingham New Music Festival, presented by the Birmingham Art Music Alliance at Brock Recital Hall. Performed by members of the BAMA Players: Sarah Dennis - violin, Meredith Treastor - viola, Laura Usiskin - cello. 2018.

Performed in New York City (NYC premiere) at the Church of the Transfiguration (the historic Little Church Around the Corner) by members of the Klang Quartet:
Gregor Kitzis - violin, Artie Dibble - viola, Dave Eggar - cello. 2019.

Composer Program Notes

Suite for Sarro tells a story inspired by circumstances experienced by my friends Iris and Christ Sarro who had been married for many years. Christ, a fabulous dancer, was declining from a condition that affected him physically and cognitively, so every night Iris made sure they danced at home because they loved to dance and dancing together was a connection of intimacy. “Tango for Trio” represents their dancing during which, because Christ is tiring, the tango music changes to a simple Americana style folk melody - suddenly Christ falters! - Iris’ reacts with fear - she then regroups and gently asks Christ “shall we continue?” But he is unable to and must sleep. No longer dancing, Iris sits alone, listening as the tango begins again. Sadly and suddenly, while I was writing “Tango for Trio”, Christ died. “Serenity Marked by Discomfort” is a representation of the flux of Iris’ emotional experiences both during and in the aftermath of the loss of a loved on